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Job Description: Wyandotte Services, Wyandotte, OK has an immediate requirement to provide experienced Senior Program Management for a long-term contract for the U.S. Department of Energy, Oak Ridge Office, Oak Ridge TN. DOE Q Access Authorization required.

Wyandotte Services provides technical support services for the Department of Energy (DOE) Oak Ridge Office (ORO), Office of Safeguards, Security and Emergency Management (OSSEM) programs. US Citizenship required.
The mission of the support service contractor is to provide an array of site-wide technical security support functions that support security management responsibilities in a secure environment protecting critical national security assets. ORO’s management of its S&S Programs is critical to national defense and requires fully qualified personnel to implement security programs that protect its staff, information, technology, facilities, and the public.
The Office of Safeguards, Security, and Emergency Management’s (OSSEM) mission is to provide support, advice and counsel to ORO program site offices, to include the SC sites ORO supports as the SC ISC, the Environmental Management Oak Ridge Site Office (EM-OR), Nuclear Energy Oak Ridge Site Office and Portsmouth Paducah Project Office (PPPO) and their contractors regarding all aspects of safeguards and security program planning and management, and emergency management program and operations. The mission involves the protection of people, information, special nuclear material (SNM), and other critical assets, as well as violence in the workplace, intelligence, and related matters of special sensitivity. The organization administers the safeguards and security programs for ORO, EM-OR, NE-OR, PPPO, and ISC sites including industrial security, physical security, information security, materials control and accountability, personnel security, classification, export controls, and administration of the Protective Force contract in Oak Ridge. OSSEM administers all aspects of the personal identity verification and credentialing program under Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12 (HSPD-12) except for those aspects that relate to cyber. OSSEM also coordinates the ORO, EM-OR, NE-OR, PPPO, and ISC sites’ nuclear materials management program.
Scope of Work
Wyandotte Services has an immediate requirement to provide On site Senior Program Management at DOE ORO facilities. Candidate will provide continued coordination and integrated executive direction and program management. Provide supervision efficiently and effectively in executing the requirements of the contract in accordance with applicable directives, regulations, risk management principles, and best business practices.

They will provide collaborative and coordinated communications with the federal staff, M&O and other on-site contractors with regard to support being provided. Maintain high standards of competency, conduct, and integrity of all personnel. Provide annual budget information in accordance with the Program Planning, Budgeting, and Evaluation process. Provide professional development and training for management and support staff in keeping with DOE requirements and best business practices.

Additionally, continue integration of safety into management and work practices at all levels within the organization to ensure contract requirements are accomplished, while protecting the public, workers, and the environment. Continue effective and comprehensive contractor assurance system that is continually available for review and verification by DOE.

Candidate reviews DOE directives for impact on areas of responsibilities. Prepares procedures, plans and programs and training materials related to areas of responsibility.

Must have experience and ability to manage schedules, and prioritize for multiple subordinate tasks. Effective oral and written communication skills as well as skills in interpersonal and collaborative relationships. Must have working knowledge of grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Ability to professionally complete reports and deliverables imposed by the supported clientele and the supervisor in a timely fashion. Ability to comprehend, translate and apply DOE Safeguards and Security requirements and directives. Ability to handle business sensitive, proprietary, Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and classified matter up to and including Secret-Restricted Data. Ability to provide excellent customer service and deal with different and sometimes difficult types of people. Able to operate office equipment (e.g., facsimile machine, copier, and shredder) and effectively use personal computers and associated software to include MS Office, ESACS, SCTS, CPCI, SSIMS, and SAS. Ability to effectively interact with disparate working groups and management levels.

Experience/Education Requirements
Bachelor’s Degree and 10+ years experience in supervising large contracts teams and disciplines.

5+ years experience in Safeguards and Security Disciplines to include; Personnel Security Processing, Security Badge Administration and Security Personnel Records Management.

The position requires handling of business sensitive, proprietary, CUI, and classified matter up to and including Secret-Restricted Data. As such, the individual must possess a DOE Q Access Authorization.

Experience and/or knowledge of DOE security directives/orders and experience assessing programs and maintaining programs in compliance with these directives is required. DOE report writing experience desired.

Completed training in HRP, PERSEC Processing, PERSEC Adjudication/Interview, and Administrative Review Hearings desired.

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